School Settings and Security

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Set ToolsMenuIn the Tools menu there are two important options, bringing up the School Settings and Security windows.

These two windows are used extensively by the Accelerus administrator when a school is first setting up their Accelerus database:

The School Settings window allows a series of database parameters fundamental to the operation of Accelerus to be set up:
The academic cycle categories and cycles that apply to the school, eg an annual category may be defined and its cycles will be the actual years - 2012, 2013, etc.
The cohort types that are used by the school such as year level, home group.
Assessment item tags that are used to group together assessment items that have something in common, eg belong to a particular report run.
The subject levels that are applicable at the school, eg 7, 8, 9 ..., Prep, 1, 2, 3 ...
The addition of student custom properties to hold data about students beyond the standard, available fields, eg aboriginal status, number of reports needing to be printed, etc.
A series of comment settings that apply when teachers are entering, selecting or checking comments for students in their classes


In addition, this window contains options that affect the operation of Accelerus, determining what is or is not visible, or what teachers may or may not do, including:

Which academic cycles are selected by default when Accelerus is run, via the setting of the default system date.
Whether system subjects and non-current teachers and students are displayed in Quick Find and Explorer windows, and other windows throughout Accelerus, or not.
Synchroniser options, including which cycles' classes are included in teacher's offline files, though the setting of synchroniser start and end dates.
Login settings for the Accelerus database and offline files, to enable automatic login to the last used data source and integration with Active Directory.


The Security window is where a school defines the roles that are applicable at the school, at four different levels:

For each role defined, the permissions are set, determining the extent of data that may be seen and/or modified by each role.

When a teacher logs in, what is available to them in Accelerus will be determined by the roles they have been assigned and the permissions assigned to these roles.For example, a teacher who has a subject role may be allowed to create school comment banks and assign these to their subjects and/or add or modify the assessment items in the subjects they are assigned to.