Assessment Item Tags

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Assessment item tags are used to group together assessment items that have something in common. They must be set up in the Assessment Item Tags tab of the School Settings window before they can be assigned to assessment items. The School Settings window is accessed via the Tools menu, usually only available to Accelerus administrators.

Tags are set up once and exist perpetually in the database. They do not have to be redefined every cycle, but new ones may be added as the need arises.

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When setting up assessment items in a subject window, tags may be assigned to assessment items. Although optional, assessment item tags are highly recommended when you have multiple sets of assessment items in the one subject, eg a set for term 1 and one for semester 1 in a semester subject, or even more in an annual subject.

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Schools in the Victorian Catholic and Government sectors do not need to add tags for their AusVELS reports. These will be added automatically when the subject report parameters are built in the Quick Setup window. Tags QS_SEM1 and QS_SEM2 will be added and assigned to the automatically generated AusVELS assessment items.



minusUses of tags

Tags are set up and assigned to assessment items to make setting up and working in Accelerus easier, used as follows:

The main use of tags is so that teachers can switch quickly and easily between sets of items belonging to different tags when assessing their students, while hiding all others. They do this via the View menu when in a class results window.

Set TagsViewMenu

To make selection of assessment items easier when setting up and running analyses, eg select all results with a particular tag, even if there are no other fields in common.
To facilitate the selection of items in the Assessment Item Explorer, in order to be able to lock or restrict items with a particular tag.
To make identification of sets of assessment items easier for copying and rollover purposes.


In most cases, schools will set up their tags based on their report runs, eg TERM1, SEM1, etc, but other other tags that may be required include:

An Admin tag for assessment items that have been set up for administrative purposes, eg a series of calculated assessment items holding the count of As, Bs, Cs, etc.
To identify items that store NAPLAN test results in Accelerus.
Ways to identify different types of assessments, eg work habits.

Multiple tags may be assigned to each assessment item, if required. For example, you may have a series of calculated assessment items for semester 1 which are tagged both SEM1 and Admin.


minusAdding assessment item tags

To add assessment item tags to your school's database, prior to setting up assessment items:

Go to the Tools menu and select School Settings.
Click the Assessment Item Tabs tab.
Click the New tag icon at the bottom of the pane.

Set TagsNewIcon

In the Name field to the right of the pane, enter the name for the tag.

Although up to 20 characters of any type are allowed, keep the tag name short - it need only be long enough for teachers to be able to recognise its meaning.

Set TagsName

Repeat these steps for other tags you require.
Click the Save icon to save your newly added tags.
If you made an error when adding tags, you may delete them individually using the Delete icon at the bottom of the pane.
When finished save and close the School Settings window.