Quick Setup Procedures

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As all Victorian Catholic and Government schools must produce reports in a set format, assessing and reporting on AusVELS, quick setup features may be utilised to produce these standard report formats.

The VELS reports must conform to a set format, including an A to E scale and graphical presentation of the student's domain scores

A Summary

The Quick Setup procedures in Accelerus used by schools to produce AusVELS reports are:

Importing an appropriate Quick Setup structure for your school, eg Catholic Primary structure, Government Secondary, etc.
Importing a Student Details XML file for students in Prep up to and including Year 10.
Creating a Quick Setup instance.
In the Quick Setup window, setting up the Quick Setup instance so that it includes the subjects to be assessed and reported upon, and the school's requirements for the AusVELS reports.
Building the subject and report parameters, which produces all of the assessment items and report templates.
Importing an absence XML file (Government schools only).
Calculating the overall domain results once teachers have finalised the assessment of their students.
Once reporting has been finalised, exporting a Student XML file that contains the overall domain scores.
Optionally, exporting prior AusVELS scores to an Excel file.
Copying the subjects and subject selections from one Quick Setup instance to another, eg from semester to semester or year to year.
Optionally creating a prior scores XML where prior scores are missing from your school's administrative database.