AusVELS Reports

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Schools in the Victorian Government and Catholic sectors are required to produce AusVELS student reports each semester for students in Prep through to Year 10.

These reports use particular formats, with those used by Government schools differing from those of Catholic schools. The required formats also differ between Primary and Secondary schools.

The Quick Setup window's procedures produce the reports, according to the Quick Setup structure that applies to the particular Quick Setup instance and the selections made therein.

The outcome of the Quick Setup processes are sets of AusVELS reports that use the same procedures and protocols as other types of reports. All the parameters for the generated AusVELS reports are found and modified in the Prepare Report Run window, and all reports are output using the same steps in the Print Report Run window. The difference is how the reports are generated to begin with. The AusVELS reports were automatically generated from the Quick Setup window, whereas all other types of reports are set up from scratch by each school, according to their needs, directly in the Prepare Report Run window.


minusThe Prepare Report Run window

To view the report production outcome of a Quick Setup build process  we need to go to the Prepare Report Run window for the report run nominated for the particular Quick Setup instance.

This is done via File > Prepare Report Run, or through the Report Run Explorer.

The generated VELS report parameters appear in the Prepare Report Run window

There you will find all of the portions, slots and templates for the AusVELS reports for the Quick Setup instance, applicable to the Quick Setup structure used and reflecting the subject levels and types of reports selected.

The possible portions that will be created for both the Primary and Secondary sectors are:

RE - for Catholic schools only
Full Page Subjects
Part Page Subjects
Personal Learning Goals
Parental Comments
For Catholic schools only, a Rating Summary.


minusAusVELS template styles

All of the templates required to produce the AusVELS reports generated via the Quick Setup window are automatically created using very specific formats and styles.

These have been set up to change according to the year level of the student, the domains and strands selected, etc. For example:

Comment boxes will grow if the comments therein require more space.
Comment boxes will not break across pages, eg all of the one comment will appear on the one page.
If a report needs to go to an additional page, special headers will print indicating that the page is a continuation of the previous report.

Therefore, very little in the way of manipulation or changes should be required.

Making changes to templates needs to be undertaken with care, as the templates use very specific styles and changing these may result in the reports printing incorrectly. A change in one template may have repercussions in other components of the reports.

It is particularly important that you do not change the tables that appear in the various templates as these ensure that the graphical presentations of the student’s scores line up correctly. Even a change in font may misalign these.

Also, changing the left, right or bottom margin may have repercussions on the printed reports, although the top margin may usually be changed without repercussions.

If you need to make wholesale changes to the AusVELS templates, these should be made using RTF files, in order to ensure that the AusVELS reports print correctly, as well as to save having to make the same changes to hundreds of templates.

Semaphore Consulting conducts special training courses on using RTF files to customise your AusVELS templates.