Class Assessment Items

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When a teacher first begins working in a particular class, it will contain the assessment items that have been defined for the subject as a whole by the Accelerus administrator or other person with appropriate permissions.

Teachers may then set up their own assessment items, that apply to a particular class. All teachers of the same class will have access to these class level assessment items, when more than one teacher has been assigned a role for the class.

Class assessment items are for the personal use of teachers, to keep track of student results for their own assessment components and, if required, use these to grade the student or feed data into subject assessment items.

Unlike subject level items which may be selected for inclusion in centrally-produced students’ report, class items may not be. However, if teachers are producing their own reports out of their class results windows, via File > Teacher Listings > Print Reports Using Word, the class assessment items may be included.


minusA subject's Class Assessment Items tab

Every subject record has a Class Assessment items tab. When class items have been added by teachers working in their own class records, these will appear in this tab of the subject that the class belongs to.

This table is a display only table, ie the Accelerus administrator may not make changes to the class assessment items. However, the Accelerus administrator is able to delete class items, if required.

Each class item has its own row in the table, with its details.

Note that the name of the teacher of the class is not available as the items do not belong to teachers, but to the class. Anyone assigned a class role for the particular class will be able to access and enter data in the class item, no matter which teacher created it.

AI ClassAITab

Accelerus administrators and all others with the permission to administer assessment items at the school or subject level may delete class assessment items via the Class Assessment Items tab. Those with school level permissions may do so for all class items, whereas subject level roles may only do so for the subjects to which they have been assigned.

In addition, Accelerus administrators may delete class items across multiple subjects via the Assessment Item Explorer.

All teachers of a class may delete the class items for their classes, which they do via the class results window, through the menu options Results > Class Assessment Items > Delete.


minusIn the Assessment Item Explorer

Class assessment items may be easily identified, selected and deleted in bulk in the Assessment Item Explorer by any user who has the appropriate school level permissions.

By default, class assessment items do not appear automatically in the Assessment Item Explorer. However, a dropdown selection column is available so that you may select to view class, subject or all items.

To select class assessment items:

Click in the search field directly below the icon heading for the column - the one with the class icon.
From the dropdown list select the Class option.

AI ClassExplorerDropdown

Enter any other search criteria required to find particular class items, in the same way you do in all Explorers, including using wildcards.

A class icon appears in the row of class assessment items, as shown below.

AI ClassExplorer

If you wish, select the class assessment items required and:
Click the Open icon to be taken directly to the Class Assessment Items tab of the subject containing the items selected.
Click the Delete icon to delete the items, in which case you may:
®Reinstate them before you save.


®Click the Save icon or press Ctrl S to permanently delete the selected class items.


minusAdding class items

Teachers may add class level assessment items when in a class results window for the use of all teachers of the class, eg to keep track of student results in a series of tests or assignments, etc.

The following steps are used by teachers to do so:

Open the class required from the Welcome Screen.
Click the New class assessment item icon in the toolbar.

AI ClassNewIcon


Go to Results > Class Assessment Items > New Class Assessment Item.

If not already visible, the window’s bottom panel will be displayed, with default values in some fields.

AI ClassNewPanel

In the Assessment Item (Class) panel:
Enter a code for the item, eg TASK1, or accept the default code which will begin with CLA and increment as you add more class items.
Type a description of the item, eg Class Test 1
Select the marking scheme that applies to the particular item from the dropdown list.

AI ClassNewMarkScheme

Optionally, select a tag for the class item, only required if you want to group all of the items together, eg to be able to identify all of those for term 1 easily.

AI ClassNewTags 

If required, enter a calculation for the assessment item, by clicking the Browse button at the end of the Calculation field.

AI ClassNewCalculation

This will bring up a Calculation Editor from where you may select the type of calculation and enter the parameters and calculation formula.

Click the Save icon or press Ctrl S to save the new class assessment item.
Repeat for other class assessment items you require.


A column will appear for each class assessment item you have created. The column will be shaded lime green and a teacher icon will appear in its column heading, as shown here.

AI ClassNewGreenColumn


minusModifying an existing class item

A class assessment item may be modified in the same panel in which it was created.

To modify an existing class item:

Click anywhere in the column of the class item to be edited.
If not already visible, click the divider at the bottom of the window to reveal the bottom panel.

AI ClassModifyViewPanel

Make any changes required to the assessment item's fields.

AI ClassModifyChangeFields

Check that the change you made has not caused any already entered results to become invalid, eg if the marking scheme was changed.

As shown below, because the item was changed from an A to E scheme to a numeric, all of the A to E scores are now invalid.

AI ClassModifyInvalidChanges

If there are invalid changes, correct these so that the red exclamation marks disappear.
Click the Save icon or press Ctrl S to save the changes.


minusDeleting from within the class

Apart from Accelerus administrators and others with sufficient privileges being able to delete class assessment items from within the Accelerus database, class teachers may also delete items created in their own classes directly from the class results window, whether in an offline file or working in the Accelerus database.

To do so, with the class results window open:

Click anywhere in the column of the class item to be deleted.
Go to the Results menu and select Class Assessment Items.
Select the Delete Class Assessment Item option.

AI ClassDeleteInClass

A red line will appear through the column heading of the item, ie it is marked for deletion.

AI ClassDeleteRedLine

Click the Save icon or press Ctrl S to save the class and to permanently delete the assessment item.


Go to Results > Class Assessment Items > Reinstate Class Assessment Item, to remove the deletion flag.