Password Management

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Every user of Accelerus must login to Accelerus with their own login credentials, whether into the database or an offline file.

To begin with, the Accelerus login credentials are the teacher's code, as set up in the Accelerus database, and the password, by default, when a teacher is added to the Accelerus database, or when a database has been converted from MarkBook, is also their teacher code. They should then login to Accelerus and change this password.

However, schools may active login settings found in the System Items tab of the School Settings window so that teachers do not have to use or remember an additional user name and password for Accelerus. Instead, their school Windows login is used to verify their identity.

When a school has activated these Active Directory Integration settings, an additional field appears in every teacher's window - Domain User Name.

Also, where activated, a school decides on which of the login settings are to apply at the school:

The first approach means the teacher is authenticated by Windows exclusively and, once logged into Windows, no further password of any kind is required in order for the teacher to login to or work in Accelerus.
The second approach allows for both the Accelerus and Windows logins to be used, and includes options to try the teacher's Windows login first, before prompting for a password, and to enforce the use of the Window's login details.

UI LoginBothPasswords

This option is much more flexible, allowing for situations where the database does not have the teacher's domain user name and password, or the computer has never been attached to the school's domain, eg a home computer. Therefore, teachers will be prompted to login and they may enter their Accelerus login details.


minusChanging your own Accelerus password

Where a school allows the use of Accelerus login credentials, either exclusively or in conjunction with a teacher's Windows login, teachers are encouraged to change their password as the first step in using Accelerus, and to create a secure password.



It is highly recommended that teachers not only change their passwords regularly, but also choose passwords that are not easily guessed.

There are no set requirements for the length or type of characters used in Accelerus passwords. However, both Sccelerus user names and passwords are case sensitive.


To change your Accelerus password:

Login to Accelerus using the user name and password given to you by your Accelerus administrator.

You may log into your offline file or into the Accelerus database.

Go to the File menu and select Change Password

UI PasswordMenu

In the Change Login Password window:
Enter your current password.
Type a new password, being very careful of the case of the characters being entered.
Re-enter the new password.
Click the OK button.

If the OK button is not available, either the current password has been entered incorrectly, or you have not entered the same password in the New and Confirm fields.

UI PasswordChange



If the password was changed in the Accelerus database, it does not automatically become the new password in the teacher's offline file. The offline file must be synchronised first, to transfer the new password to it.

Likewise, if a teacher has changed their password in their offline file, their old password still applies in the database until they synchronise their offline file to update the database password.


minusForgotten passwords

If a teacher forgets their Accelerus password, the Accelerus administrator or other user allowed to change teacher passwords, may change the teacher's password for them.

In order to be able to do so, such users must have been assigned a school role in the Security window which has Administer Teacher Password as a permission.

Such authorised users would:

Login to the Accelerus database.
Open the teacher's record, via the Teacher Explorer or Quick Find.
In the Password field, enter a new password for the teacher, eg reset the password to the teacher's Teacher Code.

UI PasswordTeacherDetails

Click the Save icon to save the new password in the database.
If the teacher works in an offline file into which they cannot login because of having forgotten their password, the administrator must:
Move the offline file to a location where it is accessible, eg to a USB memory stick or the school's network.
In Accelerus, select Tools > Synchronise.
Find and select the offline file, clicking the OK button to start the synchronisation which will transfer the new password to the offline file.
Once synchronised, return the offline file to the teacher who will now be able to login using the new password.
If the teacher only works directly in the database, they may login to the database with their new password immediately.