Database Creation and Maintenance

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Accelerus is a database management system, with the database being separate from the actual Accelerus program. When Accelerus is installed, it is only the executable programs that manipulate the database that are installed and not the database itself. Therefore, creating a new database and/or converting a database from MarkBook to Accelerus, are two important database management tasks that must be completed when a school first uses Accelerus.

In both cases, a school must decide whether they are to use an Access-type database or an SQL Server database with Accelerus, depending on how they are planning to run Accelerus and the technical expertise available at the school.

Other database management tasks, usually the role of the Accelerus administrators, in conjunction with the school's IT support staff, involve the networking of Accelerus over the school's intranet and, possibly, the internet; the setting up of users and their privileges; ensuring backup systems are in place, and so on.

Most of the database management procedures are accessed via the Database Utilities program, only accessible to those who have had a management installation of Accelerus on their computers.


minusTypes of database: Access and SQL

There are two different types of database that may be used with Accelerus:

Microsoft Access

A school may choose to start off using an Access-type database and, when ready, change over to use SQL Server. A Copy Database process is available in Database Utilities to convert a database of one type to the other database format.



An SQL Server database must be used if:

You intend to allow coordinators and/or teachers to login directly in the Accelerus database to work.
You want to use Accelerus Web or the Goals Management System.
Yours is a large school or has complex assessment and reporting requirements.
You are currently using an Access database and it is approaching 600 MB in size and growing significantly each reporting period.

Where an SQL Server database is to be used for Accelerus, your school is responsible for SQL Server licensing, installation and configuration. The school must have the necessary SQL Server administration expertise to create, maintain and backup their database, and attend to issues directly relating to the use of SQL Server, hardware and other software used in running the SQL Server system.

Assistance with set up and problems directly relating to SQL Server are not covered by Accelerus support. Schools requesting such assistance may incur additional costs.

See the overview of the issues relating to SQL Server and, if you are intending to use an SQL Server database with Accelerus, the notes Accelerus and SQL Server should be downloaded from the Accelerus website.


minusNetwork folders and accessibility

In running Accelerus at your school, you will require a series of network folders to store your database and other files that you will use for Accelerus.

Therefore, you should have an Accelerus folder on your network and, within that, subfolders for:

Your Accelerus database.
The templates created and used by Accelerus for report production, with a separate subfolder for each report run’s templates, eg a folder for 2011 Sem1, 2011 Sem2, etc, within the Templates folder.

Schools in the Victorian Government and Catholic sectors may also need to create folders for their RTF template part files, where these are currently being used.

Full access to these folders is required by the Accelerus administrators.

The database location needs to be able to be accessed by:

The Accelerus administrators, who need full privileges.
The Synchroniser computer, if offline files are being used by teachers.
Any teachers who are working directly in the database using Accelerus, but not if using Accelerus Web.


plusDatabase Utilities

The Database Utilities program is installed as part of a management installation of Accelerus. It is usually installed on all Accelerus Administrator computers and generally on the computer that is running the Synchroniser. It is an essential tool for the Accelerus administrators and technical staff assisting them.

Once installed, it is accessed:

By clicking the Database Utilities icon in the bottom right corner of the Accelerus Login window.

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From the Start menu: All Programs > Accelerus > Database Utilities.


Via its own desktop icon.


Database Utilities is used for the following database procedures:

To convert a MarkBook database into one that may be used with Accelerus.
To copy the contents of one Accelerus database into a newly-created one.

This process is used when changing database formats between Access and SQL Server or as part of a set of processes that may be used to repair damaged Access-type databases.

To upgrade an Accelerus database from an earlier format to the latest format.

From time to time, as new features are introduced in Accelerus, the structure of the Accelerus database may need to be changed, to make the new features available. When this occurs, schools using an older database structure will be required to run the Upgrade Database process.

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