Analysis Permissions

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In order for the Analyser to be available to users, they must have a school level role, created in the Security window, that includes either Administer Analyses or Run Analyses.

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Administer Analyses permissions allow users to create, modify, delete and run analyses.

These users create, modify and, optionally, run analyses, through the Analysis window.

Analyses may be deleted by such users through the Analysis Explorer.


Run Analyses allows users to display analyses in the Analysis Explorer, and run already created analyses from there.

Those with just Run privileges cannot add new analyses, make any changes or delete analyses. Only the Run analyses icon will be activated for them.

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However, if the analysis being run has parameters set up in it, they will be prompted to enter values or select from a list of values for any parameters inserted, so that the analysis, when run, reflects their entered values.

For example, below, the analysis called Count of Ds and Es in Subjects has been created with two parameters, for the year and semester of the data to be included in the analysis. The user running the analysis can enter the required year, and select either Sem1 or Sem2 from the dropdown list for the semester parameter.

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