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The Quick Find pane appears when you first login to Accelerus, if you have a school level role and you are logging into the database and not an offline file. It is usually situated to the left of the Welcome Screen.

It is a means by which users may quickly and easily search the Accelerus database. It lists all of the records for most entity types in the database that apply to the currently selected academic cycles, and allows you to search all of these in the one search process. You simply enter a search string to find its occurrence anywhere in the database.


UI QuickFindNumbers





Quick Find has a pin/unpin icon and a close icon in its top right corner. These allow it to be pinned ie minimized and moved out of the way when not required, and restored, or closed totally.


The field at the top of the window is where search text is inserted to locate particular database records. For example, entering and in the search field will bring up any records where the string and is found in any fields of the records. As shown above, 5 subjects have and in their name, and 1 marking scheme, as well as 20 students and 5 teachers.

When the search field is blank, all records are available.


The Reset search icon clears out all search criteria, contracts all entities and makes all records available.


The Search database icon is one way in which you may activate your search. Otherwise, just wait a moment or press Enter.


Each of the database entities are listed with a number appearing beside their name. This indicates the number of records found matching the search criteria.


Icons at the bottom of Quick Find allow you to open the details of records or, in the case of student, subject and class records, to open the results window for the particular record. Other methods are also available to open records from Quick Find.

When a report run is highlighted in Quick Find, the Print Report Run window for the report run may be opened via an icon that becomes available on the far right of the Quick Find pane.


Apart from standard procedures for searching, selecting and opening records that are found throughout Accelerus, the following are additional features of Quick Find.


minusMoving and closing Quick Find

Quick Find may be:

Moved to any part of the screen, if you wish, using the standard docking processes in Accelerus.

If it has been moved to a location other than to the left of the Welcome Screen, it may be easily returned there by selecting Window > Reset Layout.

Pinned and unpinned, so that it can be moved out of the way when not required or when you need to make more space for other windows, and easily restored when required:
Click the Pin/Unpin icon.

UI QuickFindPinIcon

Quick Find will appear as a button, as shown here.

UI QuickFindPinned

Hover over the Quick Find button to redisplay Quick Find and make further selections, open windows, etc.
Click somewhere other than Quick Find to return it to its pinned state.
To restore it totally, reclick the Pin/Unpin icon.
Closed totally by clicking its close icon.
Restored, if closed, by:
Clicking the Window menu and selecting Quick Find.


Pressing Ctrl Q.

UI QuickFindMenu


minusNavigating around Quick Find

To navigate through the records for the entities listed in Quick Find, you may:

Expand and contract entities, revealing the records that match your search text in the following ways:
Double click an entity.
Single click the triangle icon to the left of the entity.

UI QuickFindOpenEntity

Use the right and left arrow keys to open and close the entities, respectively.
Use the down and up arrow keys to move through the records.
Click the Reset search icon to clear the search and contract all entity types, with all records becoming available again.