Student Report Production

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The report production processes in Accelerus are extremely powerful and flexible so that the very disparate reporting needs of each school for each report run, for each subject, may be accommodated.

Each school may define and set up as many report runs as required, eg term reports, end of semester reports, Year 12 exit reports, etc. As shown here, six different report runs have been defined and are listed in Quick Find.

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The production of student reports in Accelerus is carried out from two interconnected windows used for the two stages of report production:

Prepare Report Run window

This window is used for the first stage of report production which involves the set up of the components or portions of your report, and the creation of the templates required, linking in with Microsoft Word for Windows to do so.

While the Accelerus Administrator is carrying out this stage, teachers are assessing their students and, once they have done so and all results are in the Accelerus database, the next stage can commence.

Print Report Run window

This window contains a wide range of options for printing reports, eg reports may be printed for just an individual student, a particular home group or year level, or even for the whole school.

Reports may be sent to a printer or to a file, with various check and reprinting processes available to keep track of the printing process.



Schools in the Victorian Government and Catholic sectors use the Quick Setup window to automatically generate the report parameters and templates for their semester reports, up to and including Year 10. The procedures for preparing the AusVELS reports are found in the Accelerus and AusVELS chapter, although the Prepare Report Run window will reflect the set up of the AusVELS reports generated via Quick Setup, and the Print Report Run window is used for printing all types of reports, including AusVELS ones.