Presenting results graphically

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Rather than present results as text in student reports, you may present them graphically. For example, instead of showing an A to E score besides a series of assessment tasks, you may wish to indicate the student's result by a shaded continuum, as shown here.

SRP GraphicContinuumEg

Or perhaps you may wish to display the results using a series of tick boxes, as displayed in the example below.

SRP GraphicTickBoxes

In addition, a school may want to display graphs that show an individual's results, and/or those of the whole class or subject. For example, the distribution of students’ achievements in a particular assessment item across the whole subject could be represented in a line graph, as shown here.

SRP Graphic Function Eg4

The above examples use two different methods to display results graphically in Accelerus:

Via graphical marking schemes, used in the first two of the above examples.

These are set up in the Marking Schemes window.

Using graphic functions.

In this case, calculation formulae are defined in an XML file, which is imported into a school's Accelerus database. Such a graphic function has been used in the third examples above.