Creating a Template for a Class

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If a class teacher wishes to create a template to use to print reports for their class, they may do so, providing the prerequisites have been met.

Virtually all of the features of Microsoft Word may be used in the creation of templates, including inserting pictures, tables, borders and shading, spell checking, etc. In addition, Accelerus report fields that apply to the class for whom the template is being created become available for inclusion in the template. These allow reports to be personalised for each student so that each student’s results and details are inserted automatically at print time.

Templates must be created from within Accelerus, and not directly in Word.



Templates that have been created within a class will not only contain all of the assessment item fields for inclusion in the reports that apply across all classes of the subject and which were created centrally in the Accelerus database. They will also include any class assessment items that teachers of the class have created.


minusSharing templates

Often, the Accelerus administrator will provide you with a template. This may be a generic template, shared by many different subjects.

Likewise, you may, under certain conditions, create a generic template to be used by several subjects. Alternatively, you may create a different template for each subject.

The sharing of templates, whether created centrally or by a teacher, is possible only when:

There is no subject-specific text to be printed.


The assessment item codes being reported on in the subjects using the template are the same.

For example, you may want to include two assessment items in your report – a final result and a comment for each subject. If, in every subject you teach, these assessment items are coded, say, RESULT1 and COM1, the one template may be used, as long as, of course, the format of the rest of the report is the same across subjects.


minusCreating a template

To create a template for a class:

Ensure the prerequisites have been met, most importantly the setting of Word security options.
In Accelerus, open the class for which you wish to create the template, so that its results window is displayed and not the class details.
From the File menu, select Teacher Listings and then Print Reports Using Word.
Click the Create new template icon.

SRP TeacherCreateTemplateIcon

A directory box will be displayed from which you:
Choose the location in which you want to store the template.
Insert a name for the template.
Click the Save button, waiting while the template is created.

The path and name of the template will appear in the Template field.

Click the Open template in Word icon and set up the template as required, eg insert headers, footers, logos, tables, text, and Accelerus report fields, according to your requirements.

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