Viewing Operator Output Data

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Once you have run an analysis from the Analysis window, you may view the data that has been output by a particular operator, other than the Print or Export operator.

Click the particular operator in the Steps pane.
Click the Show operator output icon in the Steps toolbar.

RA ShowOperatorOutputIcon


Click the output arrow between the operator in question and the next operator, as shown below.

In both cases, a table of the data ouput by the particular operator will appear in the right pane, allowing you to see the results of the particular operator.

As shown below, the data that has been output by the Aggregate operator is being viewed, and it shows the new fields created by the Aggregate operator and the values therein, as well as other fields based on the fields used for grouping therein.

RA ShowOperatorOutputData

This feature is particularly handy when you are troubleshooting an analysis and the results are not as expected, or you have made errors in formulas, etc.