Comment Bank Settings and Permissions

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A school may decide whether comment banks may be used at the school, whether school or teacher level comment banks are to be used, who has permission to set up and manage comment banks and to what extent.

This is done via School and Subject role permissions in the Security window, and via an option in the School Settings window. Both of these windows are accessed via the Tools menu by Accelerus administrators.


minusSchool and subject roles

School comment banks allow a school to keep control over their comment banks and allow for comment banks to be shared by teachers. For example, your school may have general or work habits comment banks that are assigned to every subject, as well as subject-specific comment banks.

By assigning comment banks to a subject, when a teacher opens their class in Accelerus, the comment banks assigned to the subject of their class will be available to the teacher. This occurs whether the teacher is working on their class directly in the Accelerus database, via Accelerus Web or on an offline file.

The ability to create, edit and assign school comment banks is set in the Accelerus Security window. Therein, the ability to administer school comment banks may be assigned to school and subject roles.

If the Administer School Comment Bank permission in the School Roles tab of the Security window is checked, those assigned to the school role will have full rights over all school and teacher level comment banks.

They may create school or teacher comment banks, modify and delete any comment bank, whoever the creator. They may also assign any school comment bank to any subject.

Note, however, they will not be able to create teacher comment banks if a school has decided that teacher level comment banks are not to be allowed, and have deselected the setting to allow teacher comment banks in the School Settings window.

If a subject level role has the permission Administer Comment Bank activated in the Security window, those assigned to the subject role may create school comment banks.

Also, those with such subject roles may assign any school comment banks to subjects they coordinate. For example, the Accelerus administrator or English coordinator may set up several English comment banks for different year levels and the subject coordinator can assign these to all of the English subjects so that they are available to all of the English teachers.

However, subject coordinators may only edit and delete comment banks that they own.

Com Security SubjCoord


minusTeacher permissions

A school may decide that only school comment banks are allowed to be used, or a combination of school and teacher comment banks.

Com SettingTeacherCBWhere a school decides that teachers are not allowed to create their own teacher comment banks, an option in the School Settings window must be deactivated:

Go to Tools > School Settings.
Click the System Items tab.
In the Comments section, deselect the box Allow teacher comment banks - this is usually ticked by default.

Where this setting is ticked, teachers may create and control their own comment banks.

Whether this setting is activated or not, where school comment banks exist and these are assigned to their classes:

Teachers may draw upon the comments in the school comment banks in single student view.

However, these appear shaded and may not be modified therein. As shown below, the top three comment banks are school ones, as they appear greyed out. The other two belong to the teacher of the class.

Com SchoolTeacherCBs

The school comment banks to which they have access also appear on the teacher's Comment Bank Explorer and these may be opened, exported and printed out, but not modified or deleted.
Teachers will automatically receive any updates to the school comment banks, including when using offline files, in this case via the synchronisation of their offline file.