Exporting AusVELS Results

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Within Accelerus there are three processes available to schools in the Victorian and Catholic sectors who are producing AusVELS reports that relate to the exporting of domain and dimension scores out of Accelerus:

At the end of each semester, once the AusVELS reports have been completed, each school must export an XML file for all Prep to Year 10 students that contains their domain and dimension scores for the semester.
Optionally, schools may produce a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that contains a worksheet of prior domain and dimension scores for selected semesters and years, and for selected subjects.
Where schools discover that the prior scores for the same semester in the previous year are missing from their school administration system, they may run a Create Prior Scores XML process to ensure that the prior scores appear in the AusVELS report graphics.



Export Student Domain Scores XML

Create Prior Scores XML

Export Prior Scores to Excel