Installation Files and Issues

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There are several Accelerus installation files, used in different circumstances:


minusAccelerus installation executables

The following three installation executables may be downloaded from the Accelerus website's Latest Version page, although your school must have a current Accelerus maintenance agreement and have been supplied with the Accelerus website username and password in order to do so.

The file AccelerusInstaller.exe is used to install either a management or standard installation on a computer that has not had Accelerus installed on it before. It is used to install any of the following Accelerus programs:
Database Utilities
Synchroniser Service
Synchroniser Remote Control

Tech InstallComponents

This installation file scans the computer to ensure all prerequisite components are installed.

If a school has previously installed Accelerus using AccelerusInstaller.exe on a particular computer, it is not necessary to use the full Accelerus installer, for any upgrades of Accelerus on that computer. AccelerusInstallerSmall.exe may be used to reinstall any of the components listed above.
AccelerusInstallerSmall.msi may be used to deploy Accelerus via Group Policy.

If this is to be used, you must follow the instructions on the Accelerus website, on the page Installing Accelerus using the Accelerus MSI.


minusAccelerus Web installer

The AccelerusWebInstaller.exe file is a self-extracting zip file that contains all of the components required for Accelerus Web setup, where a school intends to allow teachers to enter their class results via a web browser.

It is also used where a school has a licence for the Accelerus Goals Management System, an add-on module. Unlike Accelerus Web, all users of the Goals Management System use a web browser, including Accelerus administrators, teachers with individual or special learning plan roles, coordinators, class teachers, etc.

The AccelerusWestInstaller file is only used for installation on one computer hosting the web service. Accelerus does not need to be installed on class teachers’ computers. Teachers will log in to Accelerus using a web browser.

AccelerusWebInstaller.exe can be downloaded from the Accelerus website's Latest Version page, together with instructions when using Windows Server 2008, 2008R2, 2012 or 2012R2. Your school must have a current Accelerus maintenance agreement and been supplied with the Accelerus website username and password.



If schools intend to use Accelerus Web, it is expected they have the necessary expertise to set up and manage a web hosting environment. Also, they must be using an SQL Server database.
Accelerus Web only allows teachers to access their own classes and comment banks. Should teachers have been assigned to roles other than class ones, eg subject or home group coordinator roles, access to their subjects and cohorts is only available when they use the Accelerus program to log directly into the database.


minusAccelerus licence file

The file AccelerusDatabase.lic contains the licensing details for a school. This file is supplied to each school Accelerus administrator, via email.

This file is required when undertaking a management installation of Accelerus.

Once an Accelerus database has been created or converted from MarkBook, the licensing details are actually stored in the database. This means that a standard installation of Accelerus is available for any computer, without needing licence details.

The licence file should be kept in a secure location.

Tech InstallLicFile


minusAccelerus Setup.ini file

A Setup.ini file is an optional file which allows default settings, required by teachers, to be set up automatically as part of the installation of Accelerus for teachers. This means that teachers do not have to enter these settings manually or even have to know about these settings.

This file needs to be stored in the same folder as the Accelerus installation program when installing Accelerus.

The Setup.ini file must be opened in a text editor, eg Notepad or Wordpad, and the settings changed therein, before undertaking any Accelerus teacher installations.

Tech InstallSetupIni

The default settings in the Setup.ini file are:

The database path and name which you enter only if you wish to allow teachers to connect directly to the database.

When a database path is inserted in the Setup.ini file, this location is automatically selected in the login window as the default database and teachers will not have to search for a location.

The format of the database path line in the Setup.ini file is:

Database=accdb:\\[full path and file name] in the case of an Access database
Database=sql:\\[server name]\[database name]
Database=sql:\\[server name]\[instance name]\[database name]

Leave everything after the = sign blank if you do not want teachers to access the database.



If you use a UNC in the database path and name, eg \\Sema\Data\SchoolDatabase.accdb, you must include four backslashes in the Database line of the Setup.ini, ie the full line would be for the example path above:



The IP address and port number of the Accelerus Synchroniser. The two fields are separated by a colon, eg

Multiple IP addresses and port numbers may be entered, separated by a semi-colon, eg;

You may use a host name instead of an IP address, eg

When editing the Setup.ini file, it is important that only the actual settings are changed and the syntax of the fields is correct, ie only the data after each equals (=) sign should be changed.