Subject Templates

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Subject templates form the bulk of the reporting templates created and used in a report run.

Each subject that is to be included in the report run should be added to the Report Templates table at least once, but may be added to multiple slots within the same portion or across portions, as required.

For example, your reports may contain a single page summary portion in which every subject is reported but, perhaps, just a final grade prints for each subject. You may also have a portion where the full report for each subject is printed. Therefore, each subject would appear twice in the report run and would be associated with two subject templates.


minusAdding subjects to a portion or slot

Subjects are added to a report run as follows:

Click a slot of a particular portion, if the slots have already been created.


Click a portion if you wish to have the subjects added and the slots created at the same time, based on the default Report Template Slot in the subject's record.
Click the Add subject report template icon.

SRP Step12B

Select the subjects to be added, using the standard methods for selecting in Accelerus, eg enter selection criteria, use Ctrl and Shift to make selections of subjects, etc.
Click OK when subject selections have been made.

The selected subjects will appear in the Report Templates table and, where slots were being created at the same time as adding the subjects, slots will appear in the Report Structure pane, based on those found in the selected subjects' records.


minusCreating subject templates

Once subjects are added to a slot, subject templates are created for them or existing templates attached, using the appropriate icons at the bottom of the Report Templates table.

You may:

Create individual templates, one subject at a time.
Create multiple different templates in the one process.
Create one template and attach it to multiple subjects in the one process.



Wherever possible, keep the number of subject templates to a minimum. By coding assessment items consistently across subjects, and using similar formats across subjects, you will minimize the amount of time spent on creating and setting up templates.

Time should be spent on setting up the first subject template for a typical subject, or a subject with the maximum number of assessment items. Then, subsequent templates can be easily based on this first one.


To create subject templates:

In the Prepare Report Run window, click a portion or slot if you want to limit the creation of templates to the subjects of a particular portion or slot. Otherwise, the Report Templates table will display all subjects, for all portions and slots.
Select the subjects you require using the standard multiple selection methods, eg using Ctrl and Shift.
Click the Create templates icon.

SRP PrepareCreateTemplateIcon

In the Create new subject template file box that appears:
Click the first option where just one template is to be created, either for an individual subject or for multiple subjects that are going to share it. In the latter case, the template will be created and attached to all of the subjects in the one step.

If the template is to be shared by many subjects, give it a generic name, eg 4AT to indicate it contains 4 assessment tasks.


Select the second option which is used mainly when recreating templates for subjects that already have a template associated with them, or when you are creating templates for some subjects that already have a template and some which do not.

It will assign the default template name to each template, based on the portion name and code of the subject, eg Subject table_07ENG, Subject table_10MAT, etc.


Click the third option button to create a separate template for each subject.

These will all be assigned the default template name, ie the portion name and code of the subject, eg Subject table_07ENG, Subject table_10MAT, etc. Any subjects that already have a template associated with them will now have the newly-created and named template.

SRP Step20

If the templates to be created, using any of the above option buttons, are to be based on an already-existing template, check the Initialise box at the bottom of the window and click the Browse button to select the originally-created template on which the new template is to be based, eg 5AT.

The new templates will be created with the content of the nominated template, so that you do not have to start from scratch.

Click the OK button and wait while the subject templates are created.

The template name/s will appear in the Template column of each of the selected subjects.

Set up the templates in Microsoft Word:
With a subject’s row highlighted, click the Open template in Word icon at the bottom of the Report Template table.
In Word, set up the subject template, inserting text, tables, and other Word formatting as required; insert Accelerus report fields where you want replacement data to print, etc.
Save the template.


minusSharing and attaching subject templates

Subject templates may be shared by many subjects, as long as the assessment item codes in the subjects and the report format requirements are the same.

For example, several subjects may have the same format, plus 4 assessment tasks and a comment. If the 4 tasks and the comment are coded the same in each subject, one template may be created and shared by multiple subjects, even though the actual tasks are different in each subject.

Fields are inserted into the template that will draw upon the subject-specific descriptions, so that each printed subject report reflects the subject to which the template is attached.

When creating subject templates, one template can be created for many subjects in the same process, as outlined above.

In addition, a subject template that has been created for one subject may be attached to the other subjects that have the same assessment items and report format:

In the Report Template table, select the subjects to which you want to attach an existing template.
Use the standard multiple selection procedures to select the subjects, eg use Ctrl or Shift while clicking subject rows.
Click the Attach existing template icon.

SRP Step21

In the directory window that appears, select the template that is to be shared and click the Open button.

The name of the template will appear in the Template column of each of the selected subjects.


minusA Subject's Report Template tab

All of the templates used by a particular subject in any report run are listed in the Report Templates tab of the subject's details window, as shown here.

SRP SubjectReportTemplateTab

From here you may remove subjects easily from a report run or from the portion of a report run, by clicking the Delete icon, rather than having to scroll through hundreds of templates in the Prepare Report Run window.

In addition, you can go to a particular Prepare Report Run window from herein by double clicking a row or clicking the Open report run icon in the bottom left corner.