Teachers' Offline Files

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Where teachers will be working on the assessment of their students in offline files:

Teachers may collect their own offline file via the Accelerus Login window when connected to the network and their computer can talk to the Accelerus Synchroniser program.


A teacher who is working directly in the Accelerus database may download their own file from the Welcome window.


The Accelerus administrator may export teachers' offline files out of the Accelerus database via the Export Offline Files window.



It is only necessary for teachers to receive their offline files once in their time at the school.

Thereafter, once teachers have their files and they work on their students’ results, they periodically synchronise their offline files with the Accelerus database, so that the file and the database are kept in synch. This process ensures that teachers receive changes from the database automatically, also, eg new students, new classes, etc.

As the Accelerus administrator updates the Synchroniser dates in the School Settings window, teachers will receive the correct classes for new academic cycles and those for previous academic cycles will be locked or removed, according to the school's settings.

It is recommended that the ability to collect one's offline file more than once is disabled, via the Synchroniser settings in the School Settings window.


minusCollecting offline file from Login window

The main way in which each teachers will collect their own offline file in Accelerus is via the Login window.



If your school has set up Accelerus so that you do not need to enter separate Accelerus login details, you cannot collect your own offline file via the Login window. Your Accelerus administrator must either supply you with an already exported offline file, or you must login to the Accelerus database and collect it yourself via the Welcome Screen.


Note that when you first run Accelerus as a teacher, you will be greeted with a Welcome message, and three options to choose from. Thereafter, your last selection will appear automatically in place of the Welcome message.

To collect an offline file, when first logging into Accelerus:

Click the option I want to collect an offline file.

Tech SychCollectWelcome

In the fields that then appear:
The IP address and port number of the Synchroniser should be displayed, as set up by your Accelerus administrator.

If it is not, enter the Synchroniser IP address and port number supplied to you.

Enter your Accelerus user name, which is your teacher code.
Enter your Accelerus password - this may also be your teacher code if this is the first time you have logged into Accelerus and have not changed it.
Click the Collect button.

Tech SynchLoginCollectFile

A download box appears, displaying progress, including your queue position, if applicable.

Tech SynchCollectProgress

If you are presented with a Save window, you must choose the location and file name for your offline file.

This only occurs if the checkbox User can change path and file name was ticked in the Synchroniser’s settings by the Accelerus administrator.

Otherwise, the file will be automatically downloaded to the location nominated in the Synchroniser’s settings for the file name pattern.

If the Collecting offline file box comes up with an error that you have already collected an offline file, as shown below:
Click the Close button.
Contact the Accelerus administrator.


Find your original offline file, downloaded previously.

Tech SynchCollectAlreadyCollected

This will only occur if a setting has been set by the Accelerus administrator, allowing only one collection of offline files.

Where the offline file was collected successfully, click the Login button if you want to log into and work in your offline file.


minusCollecting offline file from within database

Teachers who have been given permission to login directly to the Accelerus database may download their classes into an offline file, if they wish, from the Welcome Screen when working in the database:



It is highly recommended that the Synchroniser setting Only allow one offline to be collected is checked so that teachers do not inadvertently keep collecting copies of their classes, overwriting their current offline file.


When logged into the Accelerus database:

Go to the Welcome Screen.
Click the Collect offline file icon.

Tech SynchWelcomeCollect

In the Save window that appears:
Select the location in which you want to store the offline file.
Enter a name for the file.
Click the Save button.

Tech SynchCollectFileLocation

When the file has been downloaded, click OK at the completion message.