Keyboard Shortcuts

Accelerus Icon

Accelerator keys or keyboard shortcuts keys may be used to perform the most commonly-used functions, rather than using a mouse:

Alt keys are available for menu options and key data fields. You may access the option or field required by pressing the Alt key in conjunction with the underlined letter, eg Alt E will activate the Edit menu. Once a menu has been displayed, type the underlined letter of the option required to activate it.

Note that the Alt key needs to be pressed first in order for the shortcut letters to be underlined in the menus.

UI AltKeys

Keyboard shortcuts or accelerator key combinations allow you to perform common functions and, especially, activate icons or menu options rather than having to click them with the mouse.

Where keyboard shortcuts exist for menu options, they will appear beside the menu option, eg Ctrl + X shown above for Cut.

The available keyboard shortcuts for menu options found in Accelerus are:





Select all

Ctrl A

Bring up list of all open windows and move forward between them

Ctrl Tab

Move back through windows

Ctrl Shift Tab


New > Student

Ctrl Shift S

New > Teacher

Ctrl Shift T

New > Subject

Ctrl Shift B

New > Class

Ctrl Shift C

New > Quick Setup

Ctrl Shift Q

New > Analysis

Ctrl Shift A


Ctrl S

Close a window

Ctrl F4

Close all tabbed windows

Ctrl Shift F4


Ctrl Alt F4

Exit Accelerus

Alt F4



Ctrl X


Ctrl C


Ctrl V

Fill up

Ctrl U

Fill down

Ctrl D

Find and Replace

Ctrl F

Spell Check



Ctrl Z


Ctrl Y


Ctrl Shift D


Ctrl Shift I



Ctrl Alt S


Ctrl Alt T


Ctrl Alt B


Ctrl Alt C

Quick Setup

Ctrl Alt Q


Results Grid

Ctrl G

Single Student View

Ctrl T


Quick Find

Ctrl Q

Welcome Screen

Ctrl W


In addition to the menu options above, there are short cuts for many of the icons and processes found throughout Accelerus, some of which are generic to most windows, others that apply to a specific window only:






All windows -

where another record's details may be opened

UI ShortcutKeysOpen

Open details window

Ctrl O

All windows -

where a results window may be opened

UI ShortcutKeysResults

Open results window

Ctrl R

All windows -

where deletion is allowed

UI ShortcutKeysDelete

Delete selected records

Ctrl Shift D

All windows -

where records marked for deletion can be reinstated

UI ShortcutKeysReinstate

Reinstate selected records

Ctrl Shift I

All windows -

where items may be moved up and down, usually in a table

UI ShortcutKeysMoveUp

Move item down


Move item up

Ctrl â


Ctrl á

All windows -

where the contents of one cell can be copied up or down to the other cells above or below

UI ShortcutKeysFillUp

Fill up


Fill down

Ctrl U


Ctrl D

Student window and

Class window

UI ShortcutKeysWithdraw

Withdraw student from class

Ctrl Shift W

UI ShortcutKeysReenrol

Renrol withdrawn student

Ctrl Shift R

Class window

UI ShortcutKeysCopyEnrolment

Copy student enrolments to other classes

Ctrl Shift Y

Class window and

Cohort window

UI ShortcutKeysMoveEnrolment

Move the students - to another class of the same subject in the class window or to another group in the cohort

Ctrl Shift M

Subject window

UI ShortcutKeysCopyAssItems

Copy assessment items

Ctrl Shift Y

Subject window and

Assessment Item Explorer

UI ShortcutKeysLock

Lock assessment items


Unlock assessment items

Ctrl L


Ctrl K

Report Run Explorer and Quick Find

UI ShortcutKeysPrint

Open the Print Report Run window

Ctrl P

Class and Subject Results windows

UI ShortcutKeysSingleStudentView

Single Student View

Ctrl T

UI ShortcutKeysClassAssessmentItem

New class assessment item

Ctrl I

Single Student View from Class and Subject windows

UI ShortcutKeysResultsGridView

Go to Results Grid View

Ctrl G

UI ShortcutKeysNextPrevious

Next student


Previous student

Alt N


Alt P

Prepare Report Run

UI ShortcutKeysCreateTemplate

Create template

Ctrl Shift L

UI ShortcutKeysAttachTemplate

Attach existing template

Ctrl Shift X

UI ShortcutKeysOpenInWord

Open template in Word

Ctrl Shift 1

UI ShortcutKeysRefreshTemplate

Refresh template

Ctrl Shift F

UI ShortcutKeysDetachTemplate

Detach template

Ctrl Shift E

UI ShortcutKeysTestPrint

Test print template

Ctrl Shift P


UI ShortcutKeysAnalyser

Move operator down

Move operator up

Ctrl â

Ctrl á

Move to unused

Ctrl M

Run analysis from here

Ctrl Alt R

Show operator output

Ctrl Alt O

Show operator details

Ctrl Alt D

Show compact view

Ctrl Alt V

UI ShortcutKeysAnalyserUnused

Move to current

Ctrl N

Delete unused operator

Ctrl Shift D

UI ShortcutKeysAnalyserMenu

Run analysis


Run analysis from here

Ctrl Alt R


Ctrl Alt F5

Analysis Parameters

Ctrl Alt M

Source operator

Ctrl Alt U

Filter operator

Ctrl Alt I

Formula operator

Ctrl Alt F

Rank operator

Ctrl Alt K

Aggregate operator

Ctrl Alt A

Expand operator

Ctrl Alt X

Export operator

Ctrl Alt E

Print operator

Ctrl Alt P