Folder Structures

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Accelerus expects that all templates used in a report run are stored together in the same folder, or directory. Therefore, you must set up template folders for each report run, using Windows Explorer.

It is recommended that these folders are organised within a folder for the report runs to which they belong. As shown here, where the academic cycles are based on years, a folder has been created for each year and, within this, there are folders for each report run.

Although you may have the same reporting structure in each year, setting up a folder to store each run’s templates separately will ensure problems and confusion do not occur over the years, when subtle changes are made to previously used templates, or new personnel take on the administration of Accelerus.


You should create a series of folders for your templates, one for each report run



Do not save files locally on your computer, eg C:\ drive. Make sure that they are stored in a secure location on the network that is backed up daily.



Schools in the Victorian Government and Catholic sectors who use RTF files when producing their AusVELS reports should also create folders for each semester's RTFs, eg within the folders containing each semester's templates.

You should have a different folder every semester.