Getting Started and Getting Help

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Is your school new to Accelerus or are you a MarkBook school that is converting to Accelerus? Either way, you need to ensure that you follow the set of instructions applicable to your school and situation, in order to ensure your transition to Accelerus is as smooth and easy as possible.

The Accelerus team provides a range of help options to schools, when they are starting to use Accelerus and when they encounter difficulties as they use the program:

Firstly, comprehensive online help which is context-sensitive is available from any Accelerus window, via the Help menu. The online help includes free-text searches, and full step-by-step instructions to all Accelerus processes.



Go directly to the section of Accelerus online help which applies to the particular window you are in, or the function you are performing, by pressing F1.


The Accelerus website can assist with a range of specialist topics, new issues or suggestions for improving your use of Accelerus. Updates to the Accelerus program are also available for download from the website. The website address is:
Accelerus training programs are run throughout Australia, as a minimum at the beginning of each semester to assist new Accelerus schools and those new to administering Accelerus at their school. The Accelerus website contains details of these training programs and schools are emailed updates as each training program is prepared.

For schools new to Accelerus, training is held on site at the school, so that the specific needs of the school may be met and Accelerus is set up correctly and in the most efficient way.

On site training is also available for other schools, if requested.

The Accelerus help desk prides itself on the support it provides its Accelerus schools, with telephone assistance being available on the support phone number - 1300 65 62 63 - for the cost of a local call, Australia-wide.

The help desk is available:

Monday to Thursday

8.30am to 6pm (AEST)


8.30am to 5pm (AEST)

Email support is available by emailing The support team will endeavour to respond to your email within a 24 hour period, if not more promptly, although telephone support is recommended if you need a quick answer or urgent assistance.

When emailing for support, please ensure that you clearly identify yourself and your school and provide full details of the issue that you are seeking assistance with, including any error messages, the steps you were undertaking, and so forth, in order that your issue can be dealt with promptly.



Telephone and email support are only available to schools that have an up-to-date agreement with Semaphore Consulting Pty Ltd, and are provided to the main Accelerus administrator at the school.

Schools without an agreement may request support, on a fee-for-service basis.